19 May 2013

Spanish peninsular buildings.

I purchased a set of Warbases modular buildings, designed for 28mm Mediterranean dwellings, and decided to see how well they would work as Spanish Peninsular buildings.

The first buildings I used were the Two storey building and the Tower, to make a farmhouse. These went together very well, assembly was quick and both buildings come with a good amount of windows and a couple of doors. I did a little conversion and replaced the roof with a sheet of plastic pan tiles. An exact fit (whether this was by design I do not know).

After assembly I added some very fine sieved sand to the exterior to create a rendered effect. Then mounted the entire building to a large base board, adding a low stone perimeter wall from a mould I have already.
The building was base painted in a mid brown before being dry brushed up in several shades of off white. The window frames and shutters were finished in traditional green (it wards off the devil). The pantiles were given three progressively lighter terracotta shades.
The walls and the ground work were given a mid brown base coat, before being worked up to there respective final colours through dry brushing.

The final thing to do was add some scrub and turf in suitable sun bleached colours.
I have two other buildings from the range that are under construction at present, I can see many possibilities from this range as they appear very adaptable. With prices from £2 to £3.50 plus VAT these are a reasonable base for a scratch build. Requiring just a little time and effort to turn into usable items.


  1. Great looking building!

  2. Nicely done Andrew, I've got a couple that I started a while back and really must finish this summer. May I ask where you got the tiles from?

    1. they are wills pantiles bought from local railway model shop

  3. Those look wonderful Andrew!! I bought a few with the exact same intention in mind.


  4. Lovely work Andrew :)

    That's definitely cheap for what you get

  5. Interesting, I've been pondering these as the basis for conversion like you have.
    I wish they would expand the range: it would be great if they did angles or shapes that are les easy to home-make

  6. Very very nice work there Andrew. They look perfect!

  7. These are really nice Andrew. Those green windows and the explanation are a nice touch.

  8. Looking realy good !

    Best regards Michael


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