23 May 2013

Spammers are they annoying or just thick


Now I am normally fairly restrained but those that know me, know if wound up I let fly.

What is it with these low life, spineless, complete wastes of space. Not content with being too fat to get off their back sides and do something useful, they sit and write piles of steaming crap, and cause others offence by sending it. Despite the spam blocker on Bloggers best effort in the last week 204 piles of crap have had to be self erased. It has caught more than that itself and in total I have received over 500 spam comments in a week.

Now don't get me wrong I expect the odd bit of spam, and can normally accept its part of life, unwanted like a kick in the bollocks but still happens now and again, and I deal with it.

I really didn't want to up the spam blocking harshly on the blog because I always wanted anyone to comment, freely and sensibly. Which ordinarily they do, however, I had 7 spam comments on eating placenta, 16 on how to get Viagra and a whole host of other crap tonight and as it seems constant at the moment, so I have turned off the ability to comment anonymously and shortened the post self moderation time. For this I apologise but I needed to do something.

I have not turned on word verification yet as this is a very annoying feature and as I previously said can often present unreadable script. I apologise for this move but doubt I would be allowed to run the streets with an AK47 shooting spammers as should be my right, after all the best way of dealing with vermin is eradication.

Right that's the rant over and done with for now.


  1. I have set mine to not alow non registered comments that has stopped all I was getting but I was only getting a couple a day (one bonus of low hits per day)
    Peace James

  2. should you not be in the land of nod BTW

    1. As a warrior my only right is to go to Vallhalla :)

  3. Well said Brother Loki, I don't get any spam myself but seriously you've got a Viagra source?

  4. I had a few spammers when I wasn't looking, I don't use those defenses either for the same reason. One was trying to get people to sell precious metals, that was the most insulting as it insults my readers, they're not that dumb. Anyway I'd take them. For some reason that one was the most rankling.

  5. Yeah I had to turn off anonymous comment posting too...
    Still get the odd one but their IDs can then be flagged and sent to blogger/Google+ or where ever for 'sorting out'...

  6. I get this all the time, I did throw my rattle out the pram several times too and like you dropped the anon comments, I did that for a few days then turned it back on again. It did work for a while and now again like you I'm getting around 30ish everyday. If anyone needs a plastic surgeon in downtown Iowa or help with selling their home in Monfukingolia, just drop me a line, I've got loads of contacts!

  7. I had this one character who was boycotting American women.(read as) spam out the ying-yang. Yep, I've done a few self deletes recently. Had to put the little word-trick back. But nowhere near the amount you're experiencing; that would drive me nuts. Speaking of nuts I get Viagra all the time... and have nothing to use it on, cause I'm an American woman! (shh)

    I might try Scott's idea, sending it to Google+

  8. I've been getting tons of spammed comments over the last week, but that was from my followers after freebies!

    I've had very little actual spam since I started my blog. I guess I've been lucky to avoid it.

  9. I've luckily avoided it, but you can be sure I wouldn't put up with it and just like you would take steps to avoid the vermin if it started to be too much.


  10. I had the same prob for a while but seems to have died off recently. Maybe they are bugging you now instead of me! Anyway, I prefer the AK47 method to sort the problem!

  11. The problem is most spam is automated with no human input at all. A lot of it is just about scattering the internet with back-links to their webpage, whatever that might be.

    I was getting lots of spam myself but nothing in the volume you have had. However now that I have changed my blogger blog over to Dynamic Views I haven't had any spam in three months.

  12. Interesting Lee, I was going to attribute my lack of spam to not allowing anonymous comments. But perhaps dynamic views is it as I don't get any (knocks on wood). Personally the spam vastly outnumbers the actual anonymous poster. I say to those of you who are anonymous and want to comment, get off your ass and get a free blogger account. You don't have to blog. Google already knows everything about you. Signing up isn't going to make it worse.

  13. I have to say that we get a fair bit over here too, not as much as you mind, but enough to cause me to seethe quietly!

  14. Rather like 'nuisance' phone calls in some respects the worst thing you can do is respond in any way as it then flags you as being 'real' and encourages more spam.

    I started suffering from loads of Viagra and 419 scam emails the moment I was required to activate my 'Out of Office Reply' when I went on leave.

    In other words once you have been 'hit' you are more likely to be hit again. It stinks


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