12 May 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks - French regular infantry (part 1)

Finally I have got some figures back onto my painting table. While at Salute working I just had time in the last 10 minutes of the show to run out an pick up a pack of French regular Infantry to expand my Muskets and Tomahawks force.

I had been looking at the ranges of AW Miniatures for the French Indian war, on the Internet for some time. Patiently awaiting the release of the French, I had seen the rangers at Derby last year but as I have plenty of rangers I resisted.

As with my review of the North Star range I will break this review into a couple of sections. Firstly I will deal with the castings then the painting.

Overall the quality of the figures is impressive, they are well sculpted and should suit most painters styles. Being chunkier sculpting these should fit in with Redoubt and Front Rank figures nicely. They do have a small amount of visible mould lines, but none that are hard to remove or placed were an important part of the figure will get damaged. My pack did have some figures that were a bit flashy but this was easily cleaned away and in total I spent 5 minutes cleaning all eight figures from the pack, ready to paint.

I bought the small pack of eight figures for £9.00 this is excellent value for money considering these are metal miniatures, coming in at approx £1.13 a figure. The pack contained 1 Officer 1 NCO and 6 rank and file. The rank and file come as 2 firing, 2 advancing and finally 2 advancing in capote.

This does give me a problem as they are not usable for Muskets and Tomahawks in this format. Units have to be between 8 and 12 men containing 1 NCO. An officer is only available for units of 10 or more figures however he is treated as a separate unit for game purposes.

A similar problem occurs with the larger pack of twenty figures, and they cost more coming in at £1.25 a figure. You get 1 Officer, 1 NCO, and 18 rank and file so on this occasion you are an NCO short of making two units. Hopefully the NCO and Officers will become available for purchase individually.

Next up for these will be the painting and they will be the first figures that I will give a painting guide for.


  1. looking forward to seeing some paint on these.
    Peace James

  2. These do look very nice and I cant wait to see them painted

  3. Nice looking figures, 5 mins for 8 figures, they were nice and clean


  4. Isn't it nice to open up a fresh batch of lead and set to it with a brush? I will be looking forward to your painting guide.

  5. These look great! Not heard of AW will check them out. Im currently basing my Galloping Major find, look forward to your painting section.

  6. They look great - I think they look close to the Foundry SYW French I have. They are also on the chunkier style - great for skirmish gaming IMO. Best, Dean

  7. I've not heard of these, thanks for pointing them out. Also, I look forward to seeing these in their final form.

  8. Hola
    Muy buena pinta,a ver esa pintura
    un saludo

  9. Sounds like a 'commercial ploy' forcing you to purchase greater than the need of the game. Wow! Makes sense to have individual pieces for sell. This will be new to me.


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