3 May 2013

Deckchairs and building work!!

My hobby time has been nil for a couple of weeks. Partly because the club has gone and with Kev's wedding around the corner we decided to start gaming after the ceremony etc and settle into a routine then.

However I have not been idle, My good buddy Kelly, often mentioned in this blog asked me round for a little  advice and then asked if I could re-plaster a ceiling for him. This turned out to be a dodgy request, as yes I could plaster the ceiling but the fact that the ceiling bowed down into the room a good 8 inches I suspected worse than a loose plaster board. On closer inspection it turned out that the plaster boards actually were holding said ceiling up. All the floor joists had suffered a serious case of wet rot!!

So the plastering work ended up being some very major building work, and a week has been spent stripping out floor joists, ceiling boards, floor boards and very dodgy stud walls. To add to this Kelly has designs on the entire attic space being converted into a large Man cave. Now me being an ex builder the work is not a challenge entirely, but the fact the property is a Victorian town house of 4 floors and the work in on floors 3 + 4  is when you cant get a skip on site and everything has to go down on a bucket and rope out of the window it becomes more of a challenge.

Progress has been good and tomorrow should see the first ceiling back in place. I have learnt a lot about building from Kelly, who has being researching the viability of deckchair building. So far this week he has perfected the technique of mixing mortar whilst remaining seated. Has managed to notch 9 x 5 meter long joists while seated. In fact his skill at finding time to sit down is astounding, and he can find a seat without problem in a room so dusty you cant see across it, but sure enough once the dust has started to settle he can be found seated in his favourite chair.

However He makes an excellent cuppa and as he will testify I can drink a lot of tea!!!


  1. Nothing like a bit of 1:1 scale building then!

  2. Home improvement from a seated position is a lost art.

  3. Ah, the old 1:1 scale terrain modelling - no wonder you haven't been getting any painting done :)

  4. I know these problems well. I buy old houses, fix them up and flip them. Every job starts out with "I can whip this out in a few hours" Two weeks later....

  5. This is not easy as it looks like. Building is perhaps easier than maintenance but both of these fields require equal amount of energy, patience, mind and physical labor.


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