28 May 2013

AW Miniatures New Releases for Muskets & Tomahawks

As you are aware I have been painting some of the AW Miniatures French Indian war figures for my Muskets & Tomahawks force. I had the fortune to meet up with Andrew and his better half at Triples and offered a few suggestions on marketing his range for the M &T game as his current range did not cater for this popular game.

I am pleased to announce that he has constructed 4 starter forces that come as close to 200 points as possible, using his existing range of figures. The pricing of these forces is extremely competitive and will definitely be on my shopping list I urge you to put these excellent figures on your wanted list .

Rangers - priced at £25.00 for the 200 point force

British - priced at £28.00 for the 200 point force

French - priced at £28.00 for the 200 point force

Indians - priced at £30.00 for the 200 point force

As a consequence of this meeting amongst other things he agreed to assist the Bloggers for charity project. More details on that to follow on the charity blog.


  1. Good work from both Andrew and Loki

  2. Oh good Lord, what have I let myself in for? Great tutorial though!

    1. A whole world of pain by the sound of it Sir!!


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