11 April 2013

Battle report No1 - 2013 - Muskets and Tomahawks

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Right now back to todays post:
Sunday night saw me take a trip to Kev's Cabin for a game of Muskets &Tomahawks. We should have been playing at the club but as we wanted to have a fair amount of scenery which would have deprived other gamers at the club from using we decided to set up a table and pop over the road for a quick visit before gaming.
We set the table up ignoring the scenery generation part of the rules, and created something we liked the look of instead.
I will apologise in advance a couple of the pictures in this report are blurred. We classed all the woods and crop fields as dense cover for this game before we rolled for our objectives.

Kevins force (British)

6 Colonial rangers
6 Light Infantry
6 Light Infantry
1 Light Infantry Officer

Andrews force (French)

6 Huron Indians
6 Coureur des Bois
10 Compagnies Franches de la Marine
1 Compagnies Franches de la Marine Officer

After we rolled for objectives Kev got the scouting mission and I got protection, meaning I would have 10 hapless civilians to look after Lucky me!! .
Having laid the table before rolling for objectives really meant Kev was going to have to work hard to complete the scouting mission if I blocked the river crossings.
I wisely chose to put 5 civilians in each building and hopefully not get them in harms way, after all Kev would be busy scouting wouldn't he? I placed the 6 Hurons to the left and the Marines blocking the ford on the right, these would prove to be troublesome for Kev. I had to deploy all my forces within 4 inches of the buildings and my Coureur des bois had to remain of table as a reserve to be rolled for each turn.
Kev had the luxury of being off table at the beginning of the turn so he could bring his three units on anywhere along his table edge. He deployed a unit of Light Infantry on the road heading for the river bridge. A unit of Rangers went straight for the cover of the crop fields (sneaky buggers) whilst the remaining unit  held back Kev choosing to wait to decide which advance element would need support.
Kev got the rub of the Cards in turn one and decided to get stuck into my Hurons in hand to hand combat, a risky move as Indians fight hard in melee, but if he won he would have a clear run for the river crossing. I rolled very poorly in melee only managing two kills where as my Hurons were forced to take Flight having lost 4 in melee and the other two died making their escape rolls.
The only other real action in turn one was some inconclusive shooting from the rangers and movement from the marines into the cover of the wood.

Turn 2 was more eventful as all Kevs activation cards came out sequentially before I got a move, he let of a few rounds and moved the reserve light Infantry in front of the rangers hoping to attack the marines. It wasnt to be though as I would get 4 activations and swiftly dispatched the Light Infantry with the marines, taking minimal losses, aided by the fact that I killed 5 in one round of hand to hand combat for the loss of none.
This left me with 3 more activations and the rangers were a prime target as 3 casualties would see Kevs force Break.
The marines again victorious in melee left Kevs force broken and after 2 turns unable to complete his mission.

This was a great game and Kev went off to burn another set of dice !!! Looking forward to the next adventure in our folly's.

Here's the Northstar French wilderness force all together.


  1. Great Report Buddy.
    I'll have my revenge, lol.
    Although I think I need to get some new dice.
    Looking forward to our next foray into North America.

  2. Great fun M&T isn't my last game with Kev was very dynamic!


    Nice table and nice looking french andy!

  3. A great report and lovely to see your fabulously painted miniatures in action.

  4. Nice game and report Andrew. Well done on your French too!


  5. Nice AAR. The figures and terrain are great. Seems as if this system is very decisive.

  6. Good AAR with some nice pictures!

  7. Looks good. Games are always more fun when we win. ;)

  8. Muskets and Tomahawks sounds like a really interesting game, thanks for the AAR

  9. lovely troops for both sides! The upside of a quick thrashing is that you can reset and get another game in. I should know...

  10. Good looking game and read, those dice gods......

  11. Greate AAR and very good looking table !!!

    Best regards Michael

  12. Great reeport and photos Andrew!

  13. Superb terrain, painted figures and battle report. My word, those rules appear bloody, I may have to get some.

    1. They can be very bloody and are damn good fun, being card driven you never can actually plan a turn fully

  14. Nice report and a great set-up there!

  15. That game looks good. The miniatures look really good.


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