7 March 2013

Terrain work for Kelly - 1

I finally found some time a couple of weeks ago to complete the two 6ft x 4ft gaming tables for Kelly by putting the flock on them, so now he could play a game on them properly. Heres a snap of one drying.
I had been continuing some terrain work, a large amount of bocage has been my recent flavour. This has severely restricted the amount of challenge painting time hence the lack of updates for that.
With half of the bocage nearing completion I then had my work schedule thrown completely out of the window. Kelly popped over last week for three days as he was off work and wanted the opportunity to use me in assisting him to tackle some terrain projects he had in mind for his newly completed tables. This resulted in me losing three days working time, as Kelly is a novice when it comes to terrain and is extremely dangerous when he has a scalpel in hand. He has some excellent concepts and can describe a finished project well though, so with my assistance he wanted to turn one concept into a reality.

His first major plan was to create a large multi layered hill, with size being his major concern as he wanted it to be a free standing affair. We set about the initial design by him describing to me what he wanted as I drew the basic design out on a sheet of blank MDF and foam. Then came the very messy stage, hence needing to use my workshop, shaving the MDF and foam to the plan. The final stage was to then glue the basic hill to the MDF weigh it down and leave to dry for at least 24 hours.

The overall dimensions for this beast are 4ft x 2ft  and about 3 inches high. With both rocky and steep sides but remaining largely accessible via some well placed slopes etc. Once this basic stage was completed between us we came up with a concept of being able to add other terrain to the plateau areas on top of the hill. So I had to make some templates for future additions. The first addition is the blue foam piece you can see in the picture above, this is another level for the hill. Kelly also has taken a template away in which to work on a project at home.

Now the one thing you can rely on Kelly for is his ability to get you doing extra things for him. He also wanted me to create a 4ft x 2ft extension piece for his existing tables, from some spare MDF he had in order to have an area to put gaming related crap while playing without it adorning the actual table. Simple enough or so I thought, this quickly turned into a much larger project, as I stupidly suggested that he build two of these so he could have one at each side when playing on a larger table as he had the spare MDF to do it. However he did only require me to frame the timber up before he painted it black and it would then bolt to the side of his new tables.

Now if only it had turned out to be that simple in reality, as he the realised that if he was able to bolt the two sections together he would have a 4ft x 4ft table to play smaller games on in addition to table extensions. This new gaming table needed to serve a different purpose though, and be usable for a couple of games that required alternative terrain namely Warpath and Star Wars ( now you see I have been trying to resist the forceand not buy into this game, but this may be a game changer)
What we ended up with is the following:
Two tables with a finish that hopefully should be suitable for table extensions and both of these games. All that remains is for me to seal the top surfaces to scratch proof them and they will be good to go.
The top surface certainly has a look of a galaxy far far away.

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