14 March 2013

Painting Challenge - post 26 - Tinged with sadness

This week is a week I always dread, normally in the 7 days running up to my birthday I get struck by bad luck. This has happened annually for the last 25 years since the un-timely passing of my Grandfather on my 21st birthday. Last year, saw my laptop go poof at the most inappropriate moment and could not be restored. I had hoped that the 25 year streak of foul happenings had concluded, but alas this year has proven no different.
On Tuesday morning I had the shattering news that my Grandmother had passed away, now nan was a big influence on my life and helped raise me as my parents worked in order to keep a roof over our heads. I decided to get some head time to deal with this, and went shopping for groceries and to post a few bits and as if things couldnt get worse the F**king car packed in completely leaving me stranded in the middle of a busy road and needing a tow truck. I have spent the rest of the week indoors painting in order to take my mind off things and stay out of harms way.
The positive from all this is that I have completed a few outstanding figures and should be able to submit them to Curt tomorrow.
some new bits for the workbench
This has allowed me to put a few extras on my workbench, although doubtful I will get these complete before the challenge ends I will try. The 6 skirmishers for my Canaries and 21 colonial rangers for muskets and tomahawks


  1. Sorry to here about your Nan, my sympathies.

  2. My sympathies, Andrew. God's peace to you and yours.

  3. My gran pretty much raised me as well and when she passed it was devastating. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.

  4. Sorry got your loss fella.

    My laptop went this week too and we retired our banged out car last year!

  5. I'm sorry for your loss Andrew, you have my sympathies.


  6. Condolences, on your loss mate.

  7. Condolences, hope things pick up for you soon look forward to seeing what you have to entry with Curt
    Peace James


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