9 March 2013

Painting Challenge - post 25

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the 4 new followers I have gained this last month, before I update you all on progress.

well with only 10 days left before the Challenge finishes I have my work cut out to get to my 1000 point target. My painting time has been severely limited over the last few weeks as work and family life have left little no time to paint. Still stuck on my work bench are 6 half painted Tigers and a batch of other figures. I have scratched the idea of trying to get the fallschirmjager completed before the challenge ends. With a combination of tropical uniforms, camouflage and 27 scenic bases this became an unrealistic target.

I very much doubt I will hit my objective of a top ten spot now, though I will keep trying. I should at least get the 6 Tigers done, and am also trying to complete my British for the Anglo - Zulu game that myself, Kevin and Kelly have been developing based on muskets & tomahawks. (these 2 elements should at least get me to my target points)

It also does not help that Curt's project in grey scale has had me drooling and wanting to try this on a Viking, and any little fragment of painting time has seen me trying to work out how the hell I get it looking right. I'm not satisfied with my results so far, and trying striped trousers in grey scale is not at all as easy as I thought it would be, in fact painting using this technique is very hard to get right. But as they say practise makes perfect.

Right that about wraps up this quick update, as there is a load of rubbish on TV tonight, the kids are quiet so I'm going for a few hours painting time.


  1. No way I'm gonna meet my target either, still gunning for a top 5 place though?? Get that brush out!

  2. I still think you have produce some great models, and if you do Vikings in greyscale I will send round the men with their padded van :)
    Peace James

  3. Push it Andy, come on, top ten bud, you can do it...


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