25 March 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks - French wilderness force 3

I having been slowly working away on the second element of the North Star Miniatures French wilderness force by painting the 6 Huron Indians.

Hurons were the scourge of the Anglo frontier, their  allegiance was clearly with France and their long hatred of the Iroquois made the Huron a perfect symbol of wild savagery.  They were rarely tattooed favouring war-paint in geometric patterns to face and body. The favoured colours were red,black,green and violet. Garment were mainly animal hide,  however extensive trading with Europeans saw items replaced with woven cloth.  They had a preference for black walnut dyed buckskin especially for pouches and moccasins. 

I have chosen to use a bright palette again for these figures to represent the extensive trading with Europeans giving them access to glass beads and colour dyes, with the war-paint I have tried to incorporate a wide range of colours but kept the schemes fairly simple based of internet research.

Next up will be the compagnie Franches de Marine and their officer.


  1. Ooooo they look very nice!!!!!

  2. they look great, your output is still as high as during the winter I have not finished a figure yet :)
    Peace James

  3. I clicked on the pics so I could see them closeup. This is some stellar work Andrew. The way you did the faces is perfect.

  4. As someone who enjoys colourful figures, I give these two thumbs up. Well done!

  5. @ Ray, James, Iannick and Anne Thank you I am enjoying painting these a lot and they are a great set of figures to paint.

  6. Outstandind paint job Andy.
    These look awesomeme, you have done an amaizin job on these.

  7. Lovely painting on those indians. Great work!

  8. Great looking figures, very colorful!


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