22 March 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks - French wilderness force 2

First up welcome to my newest follower JonasM I hope you find something of interest in my blog.

Work on the Coureur des bois has been continued steadily through the week. Now the Challenge is over I don't have to speed continuously from one stage to the next without a break.

Coureur des bois ( Runners of the woods) were French Canadian woodsman who travelled in New France and North America. They explored the vast woodlands to trade Various European goods for furs (mainly Beaver). Along the way they learned the practices of the Natives who lived there. They became skilled hunters and canoeists and fought against the English.

Here I present my Courer des bois element of the North Star box set, 6 figures in all. I have used a fairly wide pallet of colours to represent the wide variety of items and clothing they would have worn through there trading experiences.

 I have experimented with some alternative basing materials in an attempt at a more woodland floor look.

 Next up I will be working on the 6 figure Huron Indian element of the force.


  1. Looking good mate, love your F&IW stuff

  2. Very, very nice bud.
    Great choice of palette.

  3. Those look stunning Andrew and I love the new basing idea. I bet they look brilliant en masse as it were.

  4. @ James & Kev thanks gents

    @ Michael, I will do a final post of all once the warband is completed so you can see the on masse look

  5. Great looking coureur de bois Andrew. The ability to personalise each figure, especially in the irregular units, is one of the great attractions of this period, I reckon.

  6. Lovely figures Andrew! I agree that it's nice to take the pedal off the metal now that the Challenge has ended :)

  7. @ James Fisher, Thank you

    @ Tamsin, It sure is nice to kick back and relax a bit more

  8. These are great models made even better by your painting. Great stuff!


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