19 March 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks - French wilderness force 1

With the recent completion of the second batch of Colonial Rangers I am off and running with a minimum 400 point rangers force. In line with my aims for 2013 I now will concentrate on the opposite forces.
Recently it was my birthday and one of the presents was the North Star boxed set of a French Wilderness Force.
The force comprises:
6 Coureur des Bois
6 Huron Indians
10 Compagnies Franches de la Marine
1 Compagnies Franches de la Marine officer

These are very well sculpted miniatures with many details and should be a great paint. The figures do have some mould lines, some of which run through the face and need some careful cleaning. There are a lot of run off's too, in my book easy to remove and clean and show the mould has been meticulously prepared. I will be painting these in batches now the challenge is over.
 I am looking forward to painting these over the coming weeks the sculpts will suit my painting style, and I hope I can do them justice. I will be starting with the Coureur des Bois.


  1. They look good you lucky boy you!

  2. What a fabulous Birthday treat, somebody has obviously been a good boy!

  3. Oh you are the lucky one. My family wouldn't know what figures to buy me or where to buy them.


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