8 March 2013

A last Hurrah, and for posterity

As you may be aware I had been forced to commit my Saxon Corp to Ebay in order to make some urgent household purchases. I realised once they have gone I would not have a record of these so have decided to save it here for posterity. The entire Corp is composed of 18mm AB miniatures.
Corp commander VII corp 
 Infantry brigade command stands
Cavalry Brigade command
Guard grenadiers

 1st and 2nd battalions Prinz Fredrich August
combined grenadier regt Von Liebenau
light infantry battalion

 1st and 2nd battalion Regt Von Low

 1st and 2nd regt Prinz Anton

Combined grenadier regt Von Anger
zastrow curassiers

saxon hussars

Von Polenz cheveaux leger
Foot artillery battery

Horse artillery battery (conversions)
A total of 10 infantry battalions, 3 cavalry regiments and 2 artillery batteries.


  1. A very impressive collection and now you have a record of them.


  2. Stunning painting and I hope you get good money for them
    Peace James

  3. I'm sure they're gonna make the buyer very happy!!

  4. Those are superb figures. So sorry you have to let them go, Andrew.

  5. Very well done; I'm confident they will see plenty of action where ever they end up.


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