31 March 2013

A Huge Thank you to James

I returned from my Grandmothers funeral to find the postman had delivered a huge box while I was away.
With everything that was going on I had forgotten this was on its way.
Fellow blogger and all round good egg James Brewerton (Exiles wargames painter) had a little clear out and wanted to send my boys some goodies for playing Flames of war.
They wanted me to personally thank him and chose the image below.
I wont embrass him too much but his generosity actually overwhelmed me, and my boys have plenty of troops to keep dad painting for a long time. Proof if needed there are still some genuinely nice people left on this planet.
So from me James a big THANK YOU, everything is appreciated and will be well played with.


  1. It restores your faith in humankind, nicely done James.

  2. I am a true believer that you reap what you sow, glad everyone is happy with the figures and even happier that I was able to give just a touch of joy on what must have been a sad day
    Peace James


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