19 February 2013

The dice gods really hate me lately !!

Sunday saw me playing Trafalgar at the club against Glenn. This was my first time at playing Admiral and I really should not consider seamanship as a new career. Things started well as I had command of a small fleet of 5 vessels, with the wind in my favour I could take the battle to the enemy fleet.
However my understanding of seamanship ends there. I can just about tell my left from right but port and starboard confuse me and as for reaching, in irons etc forget it.

 spot the difference in the two pictures above a clue can be obtained by the row boats. Yep my in ability to steer and lousy dice sees me lose a ship
Not helped at all by rolls like this from the opposing fleet :(

The next two turns saw more abysmal rolling from me, the net result of this left me with two ships of he line sunk, 1 ablaze and drifting crewless, and the remaining two were severely holed below the waterline. I conceded defeat before the entire fleet was visiting the fishes.

I hoped for improvement on Monday night in a game of Blood bowl against Craigs Elves. Now Elves are bent and twisted sneaky fast buggers at the best of times, But my Lizardmen in theory should have bust up many an Elf in the fight.
Score 2-0 to the Elves and to make matters worse it was 2-0 to the Elves on casualties as well.
This was a game where nearly all the luck ran to the pointy eared ones. I received the ball in turn 1 and formed a strong cage, but the Elves started knocking out skinks, and I was failing to KO Elves. Late in the First half a sneaky Elf leapt on my ball carrier and the end result of this move was a score to late for me to respond.

The Elves received in the second half. with both teams down to ten men, I managed to slow the Elves but they were always likely to score which they duly did but not before I had lost another skink. Still no dead Elves and despite knocking them all over I couldnt inflict any injuries. The dice really deserted me again.

I can always hope for an improvement before Thursday when I have two more Blood bowl games to play against Kev and Trevor.


  1. There are indeed times when I curse that luck is a factor in our wargaming hobby!

  2. Tough luck. Great looking models though. :-)


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