22 February 2013

Painting Challenge - post 24

Well its been a bad week for dice games after the fiasco of Sunday and Monday I hoped that would be my run of poor form over. Until Wednesday which saw me entertain Trevor for an afternoon game of Bloodbowl. My third game in a week for the current club league. Trevor plays Kemri this year, so he also has a team capable of bashing mine up. However the game was scoreless and neither side could capitalise on the mistakes of the other. Although I wasnt too happy my eldest son decided he wanted Trevor to win and rolled some dice for him and Knocked out two of my players. My youngest decided to aid me and like father like son rolled poorly. Though between us we managed to even the casualty score.

I have started to re base coat the Tigers as I was unhappy with the sprays final colour. When dry it was too bright. So I have started applying a coat of Middlestone to change the tone before dirtying them up with a heavy wash of Earthshade. These will progress quite quickly from this point.
Thursday saw me make another couple of small submissions to Curt, and I sent another special one last night.
Currently my workbench is quite full.
The keen eyed will spot that a second platoon of fallschirmjager has sprung up onto the bench, Im hopeful of getting this all completed for the challenge and should score the 1000 points I have been aiming for. A Top 10 spot looks extremely unlikely now though I will keep trying.

Sunday will see me playing a very large game of Flames of war with Myself, Craig, Kelly & Kev using 4200 points a side for our evenings entertainment. The theatre will be Africa and both my DAK and recently painted Desert Shermans' will see the action. 


  1. Its great to be busy, I've got figures coming out of my earholes, so many periods and figures and just not enough hours in the day to get all the buggers painted!

    1. Im trying to stick to the plan I have for the year, and work through projects till completion. Its almost an impossible task as my mind wanders a lot, and shiny things always tempt me to stray!!


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