20 February 2013

Painting Challenge - post 23 - Desert Shermans

My desert Sherman force recently gained me a shortly lived 10th place in the painting Challenge.

This force was based on an element of the 9th Armoured brigade on the Gothic line in Italy.

9th Armoured brigade (Sherman's) consisted of:
3rd (Kings Own) Hussars
Royal Wiltshire yeomanry
The Warwickshire Yeomanry
1 The Kings Royal rifle corps

The 9th Armoured brigade arrived in Italy after a refit in Palestine. Once they arrived in Italy it is believed they moved to the 50 - 54 series on a red background like most independent brigades and armoured divisions. Their unit sign is a horse on a green box. As a recognition of their work with the 2nd New Zealand Division in North Africa they could display a 6" white fern leaf on a black box above the tank names on the hull sides, but not all tanks did so.

The whole force of 15 Sherman's and a Hurricane IIB.
The HQ section, 
side view of HQ,
Rear view of HQ, the unit symbol is a very basic attempt at freehand as I have been unable to locate a decal.
The 1st platoon.
The 1st platoon command tank, rear view.
The 2nd platoon.

The 3rd platoon.
The 4th platoon.
Rear view of the 4th platoon.
The Hurricane ( limited air support)
The tank camouflage also serves as a platoon identity mark, the HQ has a band across the turret, platoon 1 has a patch running up the turret from the deck, Platoon 2 has two patches on turret, platoon 3 has three patches on turret and the 4th platoon has a patch on turret and rear deck.
This was a thoroughly enjoyable project in both the research of the unit and camo patterns but most of all the painting.


  1. Great stuff. That camo pattern always looked odd to me but I guess it must have worked or they wouldnt have used it!
    Really nice job on the hurricane!

  2. Oh yeah! These look great all together like this. Great choice and oooh the Hurricane is smashing. People seem to be really cracking on the challenge now-those numbers are climbing. Keep painting!

    1. Im trying Anne but I cant match the speed of most.

  3. Beautifully done and a tremendous force when seen altogether.

  4. @ Scott,my research led me to the fact the British employed a group who applied an outline for the Camo this was supposed to be over painted by the tankers, but either time or attitude meant it got left and just in-filled in some cases, leaving the white outline.

    @ Michael Thank you, I enjoyed this part of the project.

  5. Somehow missed this post.... Really, really fantastic work all around Andrew! That plane in particular is just awesome!


  6. great stuff, missed them going on Curts blog as away but glad I caught them now, I bet you lad is over the moon
    Peace James


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