18 February 2013

Painting Challenge - post 22

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays question, I'm going to wait till the weekend before I make a final decision. Anne left a cracking comment which has inadvertently provided the solution to me for another matter. More on that when the appropriate time comes.

Curt posted the Sherman's late last night so I will blog more images and a description later in the week. So what am I going to do while I decide on the Tigers. Well all my Flames of war armies are tank orientated at present as the intention has always been to expand these and provide various support options. So Im going to start on the Fallschirmjager, initially I will paint enough as a divisional support option for my DAK panzers, then expand them as a stand alone force for my Africa and Italy gaming needs.

I have also received a small package from Curt today, who is running the painting challenge, he asked me if he provided a Foundry Viking would I be kind enough to paint one for his collection as my Viking painting impressed him. Now with the pseudonym of 'Loki' and the fact that someone actually thought my work was good enough to want a piece of it, how could I refuse to accept the offer. This will definitely be the last one I paint for a while (unless anyone can convince me otherwise) so keep your eyes peeled Curt for shots of this figure develop.

So today the workbench looks like this:
On the left one platoon of Fallschirmjager in 3 squads and an HQ. In front of those is Curts Viking. Centre of the bench is the 1st zug of Tigers basecoated. Over to the right the HQ section of the Tigers.

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  1. Good to see you back at the table buddy.
    Jeeze you will be tanked out soon, lol.


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