17 February 2013

Painting Challenge - post 21 - advice appreciated

I hoped to be posting the Desert Sherman's today but alas Curt has not yet posted my figures since their submission on Friday. I wont break the rules of the competition by posting here first so please be a little patient if you are awaiting images of these.

However this leads me nicely to be able to ask those of you who read my ramblings for an opinion on Callums SS Tiger company. I have been busy building the Tigers and have gone with a mix of parts from Mid and Late war, and creating some stowage etc to make them look individual.
This is just the first zug, the tracks are not fixed, as these will be painted a different colour to the main body and then applied before I commence camouflage work.
Of which there are many possibilities:

So my question is which way should I go with the camo for this force?
1. All tanks in the same style.
2. All tanks in a platoon the same.
3. A good mix of various patterns across the force.
I would value your input on this subject and of course if you think you can add to the above suggestions then feel free to comment.


  1. I'd go with the platoon tanks being all the same, it depended what paints the tanks were carrying.

  2. As much as it pains me, I'd have to agree with Fran above, paint the platoons all the same.

  3. I'd certainly do with a similar style of camo across all the tanks, to make the force look cohesive... I have just finished mine and submitted them to Curt...

  4. I know nothing about gaming so my opinion comes only from the perspective of what I, as a painter, would enjoy doing and seeing done. I would do different types of cammo across the force. But then the boys would chide me or it.

  5. I agree with Fran. How much I prefer variety, platoons of the same looks better on the table. Just make sure your command stand out and give 'm some extra's


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