16 February 2013

Painting Challenge - post 20

Thursday saw me with a few spare hours to paint after a set back on a project I have been working on all week had to be reworked, effectively leaving me free to paint for about 12 hours. The opportunity was taken and I managed to complete my Desert Sherman force, pictures were submitted to Curt Friday evening.

The week has been good for gaming Wednesday saw me give Kev a run through of Blood Bowl in preparation for the Clubs league matches, its been a long time since he had played it so he has had a couple of practice games, much in the vein of me last year. Friday saw me Play my first league match proper as Kelly had come over to visit so we set about our game. My Lizardmen against his Humans, I pulled off a 2-0 win but did lose a Saurus as a casualty for the next match.

Last night I had an invite to join Kelly and a few friends and played the board game struggle of empires, this was a great evening and surprisingly saw me finish in third place even though it was the first time I had played this game. The game was easy to pick up, but will take a few games to master but I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Next up will be the Tiger build as I need to complete Callums' schwere panzers.


  1. Good progress and plenty of gaming, I'm slightly jealous.

  2. I'll look forward to seeing the Shermans and Tigers!

  3. Ooooh I want to have friends to play Blood Bowl with. Keep racking up those points in the Challenge!


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