14 February 2013

Painting Challenge - post 19

The last of the Vikings for my current commission. I am quite grateful to have finished these they took much longer than planned, I think I suffered from Norse burn out, I calculated that I have painted approx 400 Vikings including these in about 6 months. So I will be concentrating my efforts else where for a while.

5 Wolf skin beserkers

5 Bear skin beserkers

7 Vikings and a very unfortunate monk.

Next up from me will be the Desert Shermans work is progressing well on these and I aim to have them completed over the weekend.


  1. That's a lot of Vikings to paint in 6 months so I understand the burn out! The pay off is the look superb!


  2. Excellent painting, that's a hell of a lot of Vikings in 6 months!!

    1. I agree and I know I will be receiving one more figure to paint and that is it for Vikings for the next few months or possibly this year.


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