28 February 2013

My Hand has been Forced !!!!

Sometimes in life fate deals a cruel blow to us. A decision I had been reluctant to make, has been the selling off of my redundant and under used 18mm Napoleonics. I have sold some of my surplus Napoleonics in the past when I decided to scale down and start collecting 28mm's again. However I wanted to retain the Saxon Corp that I had built up, if only for sentimental reasons.

Two circumstances have now forced me into selling them off:
1. My wife announced she had a problem with the gas cooker and on inspection it has definitely become dangerous, the knobs have melted a little and gotten extremely hot to touch.
2. The little angels have obviously been using their bunk beds as trampolines (although they deny this) but the top bunk resembles a banana in shape, so I have had to take it down and use them as singles for now.

Now funds are short and both these items are going to really cost me some money to replace, so I have made the decision to sell the Saxon Corp, it will appear on Ebay over the next few weeks as it is too large to sell as one. The picture below shows most of the Corp there is another battery I forgot to photograph.

The upside is the wife has agreed that any cash left over can be used to buy some 28mm figures to boost my new collection.


  1. That'll fetch a fair price, I bet!

  2. Hello Andrew:
    I'm very sorry to hear that you have to sell off these figures. If I did Nappies in that period I would definitely be interested in them. I hope they find a deserving home.

  3. They will fly on ebay buddy.
    Think of the 28mm you can get with the left over cash.


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