26 February 2013

Burnt out Panzers

My poor luck with dice lately continued on Sunday in my recent Flames of war training game.
I forgot my camera so no pictures, perhaps a blessing considering what followed can only be described as a farce by numbers.

Kev and myself had 4000 points of German armour and we were quite confident of doing well against 4000 points of British armoured cars, infantry and a scattering of Shermans for support being fielded by Craig and Kelly.

Things went badly from the start, I decided to let them go first thinking that we would be in a better position letting the enemy show his hand and striking back. Big mistake as the first round of shooting took 7 panzers out of our force. Our first turn came and the only thing any of us hit was a single Sherman in reply. Turn 2 saw the British call in an air strike, we relied on the superior Luftwaffe forces to see them off, that didn't happen and although we saved the fallschirmjager platoon we lost an entire platoon of panzers 3 J's. Oh to be able to roll anything other than 1's or 2's. Still in turn 2 saw my command ripped apart despite deploying them far apart, due to the losses I sustained on round 1 they had become visible and in range of the advancing British. Our reply gain Kev a couple of kills but I could do nothing, even my Tiger kept rolling bad dice. Turn 3 bought the end of the game as I failed a company test, hard to pass anyway without commanders, and 2/3rds of my force dead. This left Kev in a bad position with only 6 tanks it was game over for us as we fled in a hurry off the board.

I can feel a ceremonial dice burning session in the wings, hopeful of the dice gods restoring some luck to my rolling in the future.

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  1. It was Shocking.
    Took us longer to set up than the game duration.
    The dice gods deserted us yet again.
    On the plus side, it was fun watching Tom get burned at Blood Bowl by Matts Gobbo's hahaha.
    Ceremonial dice burning at mine on Wednesday morning, rear garden, 10am.
    Bring sacrifices.


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