9 January 2013

Two little boys had too many toys

Well my plans for the weekend to get the Vikings and colonials off the workbench failed completely

Any way back to the point of this particular post.

My sons are growing and have been introduced to wargaming on occasion through 2012 courtesy of Kelly coming round and the pair of us playing a few games with them. Though neither currently accept defeat easily I do hope they grow out of this trait. I intend to continue their indoctrination through 2013. Both like Tanks and frequently browse through my DAK box and tell me they want some tanks of their own to play with.

So in a swerve on the painting calendar for 2013, I have decided to paint them both a Late war force each. Fortunately both want to be opposing generals Callum (7) wants to be Germans, and Connor (5) British. This will also be useful for me as I will be able to add two new forces for my gaming use at the club.

I have been reading the Villers Bocage book again as Wittman's wild ride is a scenario that has always appealed to me and a makes a good starting point for Callum, I will build him a full tiger company of a HQ and 3 zugs  but as an initial starting point  his force will be just 6 tigers on the table until I expand the other lads force. Connor will be getting a guards armoured brigade making full use of Sherman V's and VC's his starting force will be 15 tanks, the points are almost equal at this level. Both forces as they learn to play, can be expanded to include the other options and bigger games.

This will give me an opportunity to spend some extra time with the boys too as they can help me build all the kits I'm going to need, I will however paint the tanks for them because they could be any colour under the rainbow and possibly all of them on one vehicle if Connor gets a brush in his hands.

I will now be placing a rather large order of plastic soldier box sets, as they are by far the best value for money and quality. Also it gives me a good excuse to order my British desert tank force at the same time. I have added these items to the project list (I'm doing well using this to keep me focused).

The only downside will be the 42 tanks that I will be left to paint, though they will at least provide some points for the challenge.


  1. I see another who's "lead" pile is going to go the wrong way during the challenge
    Have fun with your lads, wargames has been a huge part of me and my Dads life every since we got into it. A family that games together, stays together
    Peace James

    1. Yeah its building up not down, but hey we die if we run out of lead dont we :)
      I will be having fun with the boys, I had the opposite experience with my father who sadly had no choice but to put work before family and as a result we arent that close, but he makes a cracking grandfather so that compensates heavily in my book.

  2. You're so fortunate to have sons who enjoy what you do. They will never forget the days when their father painted them an army. You're making memories that will last throughout their lives and if they pass it onto their children, the story will be told to your grandchildren.

    I hope your wife knows just how much more money you'll be spending:)

    1. Thanks Anne, I think the boys are fascinated with the hobby because they have grown up with me painting figures. Its great because I can share that knowledge. The wife always knows what I spend I dont hide it and she is very tolerant of my passion. On the plus side she is able to purchase various items without my disapproval. I know my place ;).

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend time with your sons, Andrew. Anne is right, you are a lucky man, but also a good father for wanting to do this with them. Many sons are never that fortunate.
    I think the PSC route is the one to go, they are probably the best value for money out there.
    Personally I would like to see Connor paint at least one tank, I am sure it would be wonderful.

    1. Mike, you do have a point and they should paint one of their own tanks each, they will be unique memories. Thank you for the pointer its a human flaw that make me thankful of other people opinions.


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