8 January 2013

torsos and limbs

My next small tutorial sees the rest of the bodies flesh.

The colours are exactly the same as the face paint tutorial I posted earlier. So to save some time I have omitted images for step one which is to use the base flesh colour on all exposed areas.

Stage Two using the first highlight colour define the muscles, these are normally clear to pick out on good sculpts, on bad ones just use your own body as a rough guide. I have worked the entire body for this step.

Just ensure you leave some of the base flesh to define the muscle groups if you make an error take a small brush when the paint has dried and re apply a line of base colour.

The next stage is to take the 2nd highlight colour and again paint the areas previously defined leaving an area of the previous two colours exposed. the three images above show the upper torso the two below the lower torso.

Next up the final stage which uses the final highlight colour and just defines the edge of the muscles.

The last thing I do is define the hands by using the final highlight colour on the knuckles and finger joints.
I will explain hands as these are treated a little different, with the 1st highlight I do the back of the hand and down each finger being careful to leave the base colour between the fingers. The next highlight is worked on the centre of the fingers themselves and not on the knuckles or joints, thus the final highlight as mentioned above has a bit of extra definition.
That completes my guide to flesh, If any one has any questions or would like a guide to anything else I do (stripey trews etc) please ask in the comments section and I will see what I can do.

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  1. another good SBS, do you paint the lower lip a rose/red colour I find this makes the face pop.
    Peace James
    I must do a SBS of my flesh , its not much different from yours :)


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