10 January 2013

Tiger troubles

Ok so occasionally things are wrong in this world, but why always do they happen to me!!!!

Firstly tonight on the trip to Kelly's the car decides to play up and will now have to go into the garage to be fixed as there is a major engine fault.

The bigger disaster was once I got there I was keen to start assembly of my late war tiger force for Callum.
Spot the problem in the next picture.
Yes I need the blue part with the red + sign for the turret hatches, now it wouldn't be a real problem if 1 sprue had them missing but I opened the first box and all are missing and guess what the same thing on the other two boxes, so now I have 12 tigers that I can only build as an early war version at present.

I have emailed plastic soldier company, and will contact by telephone tomorrow to resolve this, but I thought I would warn my readers if they are thinking of buying any that there may be a batch issue, with so many of my boxes being affected. I will of course update you on how the problem is resolved.

So in a change of plans I will now start with Connor's Shermans.


  1. That's a bugger!
    Could you not just use the hatches you have? Its a fairly small component difference, and most people probably wouldn't have spotted it on the finished model once done anyway...

    Must admit when I made my panthers I chopped the components like this around between the models to give them that sort of in service, we fixed them with the bits we had at the time, kinda look...

    1. I dont mind mixing a little for variety, but my issue is that I dont have the option at present and although the PSC Tigers are cheaper I didn't get what I have paid for.

  2. I hope they fix this for you toot sweet!

  3. Sorry for your troubles, hope they get resolved soon. Looking forward to seeing some paint slapped on these beasts
    Peace James

  4. Bloody Hell Andy, when it rains buddy.
    Sure you will get it sorted.
    Hope your having fun putting the tanks together, I did 12 and that was enough.

  5. Shame about the missing parts but I'm looking forward in the assembled models. I also think they will gladly send you replacement parts.


  6. Sorry mate, hope it gets sorted. I love how you say this is a bigger disaster than your car engine! That's funny.


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