15 January 2013

Tiger troubles - Resolved

As you know I had a slight problem with a recent purchase of  Plastic Soldier Company Tigers.

What happened next restored my faith in customer service completely and has completely exceeded my expectations.

I cant praise this company enough on my initial disappointment last Thursday when opening the boxes, I sent an email to query the missing parts. Very promptly at 9.10 am the next day I received an email asking for my address for replacements to be dispatched, ( I had assumed this would be the missing turrets).
This morning the postman knocked early, I had been expecting the replacement parts for my tigers in the form of new turrets. What I had not expected was three brand new boxes of Tigers. Now this is what I definitely call going above and beyond when it comes to customer service.

This has given me a nice surprise and as I effectively have some freebies, I want to do something positive with these so will paint them up, one box will be painted and sold with all the profits donated to charity. I can add some Tunisian Tigers to my DAK force with another.  The last box I will be doing something special with but more on that later.


  1. Good to hear of a satisfactory outcome.

  2. nice stuff I had a simular outcome from Battlefront over poorly cast figures, they sent me a replacement box set £40 worth :)
    So plenty of tigers in you future I guess
    Peace James

    1. I wont buy battlefront any more had too many issues with them and poor customer service.

  3. Well it just goes to show! Top job PSC!

  4. Now thats what I call customer service.
    Try getting that at PC World.
    Nice one buddy and great Idea with the Tigers.

  5. Always nice to hear of a happy ending, nice work PSC.


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