24 January 2013

The Dangers of Ice

Life is a funny bugger, you avoid the obvious dangers and the innocent ones bite you real bad.

Since the snows came down and turned our little road into a 6 inch deep no go zone and  froze into solid ice I nor many of my neighbours have been out in our cars. So on Wednesday was rather surprised to see a large lorry trying to get down our crescent spinning all the way as it went. It turns out that the bed my wife ordered was being delivered. At least I would have something to do for the next few hours as I have watched all the stored tv I had recorded  over the last few weeks.
So instructions say 2 hours to build, like I am going to believe that statement, I have had flat packs before and it needs an army to build anything in the time scales they give. The good part, everything was there and I could start assembly. Halfway through things got a bit difficult and I ripped a muscle in my forearm making the rest of the job a bit painful to complete. It just got worse from there on in the end result the job took 4 hours to complete, I finished with a massive lump out of my shin as I got a washer stuck under my shoe and pelted like an ice skater across the laminate floor into a bedside cabinet. To add insult to injury I have aggravated my already damaged knee whilst trying to straddle the slats as I fixed them down and am struggling to walk. The final problem saw the removal of skin from knuckles, hey ho just a reminder of why I avoid DIY.

The morale of this story Ice can be less of a problem than your own incompetence :)


  1. hope its not damaged your painting arm

  2. Careful, mate! At least you have a new bed to recover in!

  3. Sounds like this episode should have had gag sound effects and a laugh track!

  4. OMG!!!, You and flat packs.
    A recipe for disaster.
    Keep away from the ice buddy, haha.


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