2 January 2013

Plans for 2013.

Its that time of year when I should state my intentions for the next 12 months.

2013 should be the year of balancing for me as I have several projects for which I need opposing armies. Whilst I have opponents at the club and friends that pop round with opposing forces to play me at home, my wish is to have opposing forces for all games I play. This will allow my two sons and me to play more as they get older, and me to do some solo gaming as well. So heres the current list of balancing requirements.

  • 6 points of  Saga Anglo Danes & Saxons to fight my Vikings
  • 50 stands of  union ACW to pitch against my Rebs
  • Desert Rats or Americans for FOW to play against my DAK
Further to this I have two new projects one small and one large.
Firstly the small one a British force of 200 points to play my adaptation of Muskets and Tomahawks in the Zulu war period. Kelly is painting Zulus. The start of this one is on my work bench now.
Secondly the larger project, 28mm Napoleonic's, the initial intention is to build and paint one infantry brigade and one cavalry brigade for both the French and British forces. I would like to expand this later in the year if time permits.

I will also be increasing my blogging efforts, and at least be trying to post twice a week with a variety of wargames related articles as on reflection, this is an area that I have been a little lax over the last two years. I have found the painting challenge has already helped in this regard by increasing my output and I enjoy the interaction from fellow bloggers.  Further to an increase in output I hope to get my followers to 100 over the coming year.

I will be attempting to get my boys acquainted with the finer points of rolling dice and playing with toy soldiers. Maybe the eldest will be able to start proper painting. Hopefully I will gain a couple of new commissions over the coming year, as I have enjoyed the experience of painting for others in the closing months of 2012.

Finally I should also be building lots of terrain for both 15mm ACW  and also 28mm Saga and Napoleonic's. Having said all this I have set myself up nicely for the coming year with targets that I should in the main achieve as long as I stay focussed dont get distracted by anything new and shiney.

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  1. Compared to me your plans sound very reasonable and I think you have good chance to accomplish most of it. Good luck with not becoming distracted and looking forward to seeing what you do!



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