5 January 2013

painting challenge - post 9

I have been away from the workbench for the most of the last few days.

Yesterday Kev at the cabin gave me a Samurai for me to paint up for the challenge entry. Here's a sneek preview of the base in progress.

The Napoleonics have made very little progress and I have only done a bit of flesh work on the Vikings, the colonials also remain as pictured two days ago. I will however be making a big effort from now till Tuesday to get the Vikings and Colonials completed.


  1. Dixons Samurai used to have two armies of them one painted up like the enemy from Magician (Raymond E Feist) you have almost as much on the go as me
    Peace James

  2. I love the female viking figure in progress.

  3. Really interesting mix of things on your painting table. Keep it up and you'll destroy Ray!

  4. A great selection of figures Andrew, is that a figure of Fran on the left!?!


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