3 January 2013

painting challenge - post 8

Well Ronin 1 has been busy since the 20th of December and late last night reached the dizzy heights of 1st place in the challenge, sure to be a short lived position as I will be back at work next week. The return to work will give me to a maximum of 2 or 3 hours painting of an evening and therefore will slow me down greatly.

For those that are interested I have decided to join google + and would be happy for you to join me as I take my first steps into the world of social networking other than through this blog solely.

My next battalion of Napoleonic Infantry are on the table now 36 Perry plastics along the back and centre, these will become the 1st/4th Swiss Infantry, I have plenty of painting information for these and as usual with this period a lot of it conflicting, in those situation I always go with what I like the look of best. After all unless everyone agrees on a certain uniform detail you cant get it 100% correct.
On the extreme left you can just make out the start of a 1/144th scale Hurricane this will be the 1st of my Desert forces for the Allies. next to that is another group of 8 Vikings and over on the far right another group of 8 British colonial infantry.
I have decided on this occasion not to re post the pictures submitted to Curt for the latest entry into the challenge. I will be posting pictures of these separately once the entire projects are complete as they are both smaller projects.


  1. ah, I was wondering about the high quality amount of figures you managed to paint in such short time :-). Great entries Andrew, you better take another holiday so we get to see more. Impressive work!

    1. Yes a big holiday from mid December to 8th of Jan, I also have a very understanding wife who prefers me painting so she can watch what she likes on TV most of the time. Additionally I have been aided by a timely extended bout of insomnia.


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