1 January 2013

painting challenge - post 6 and other bits.

Happy New Year dear readers!

I have opened the New Year by making my 1st Napoleonic submission to Curt. My painting bench has been very quiet today and apart from a bit of prep work nothing will be done until later tonight.

The day has been productive as I have spent the day modelling with my two little gamers in the making.
First up my 5 year old Connor's efforts with a wooden starfighter and a jet plane.
Yes I know the colours are bright but have you seriously discussed the finer points of camoflague with a 5 year old and seen his eyes glaze over and I quote " whatever Dad your just old" at which point he carried on painting the models by the time he had finished, the table was every colour and coated in glue, thankfully got this cleaned before SWMBO returned home. Then it came to the stickers and again was told its my model and I want the sticker there.

Next up Callum's work that for a 7 year old was in the main good. He has a bit more paitence.
In this case a couple of Revell Star Wars easy kits. I was on hand for the cutting from the frames with a scalpel and as he puts it giving the awkward bits a Dad squeeze to clip them together. In the back is a V-19 Torrent Starfighter and in the foreground Ahsoka Tano's Jedi Starfighter.

Overall a good start to the New year, I hope to get a couple of hours tonight when they are asleep to do a bit of painting. For now I'm off for a few games of Magic the gathering with the little fellas, who will more than likely kick my butt as usual.

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