21 January 2013

Painting challenge - post 16 - Connor's Shermans

Currently I am ranked 7th in the challenge on 673 points as I work toward my par of 1000 points.
I finished Connor's Guards Armoured company in the wee hours of Sunday morning and submitted them to Curt for the challenge points to be added. I was rather pleased that the additional work added another 30 points giving me 120 points for the units.
Connor is very happy with his tanks and only too ready to be fighting his older brothers Tigers when they are  completed. Currently he's is trying to read Hells Highway with some Dad assistance so he can understand his tank force and its history. Moments like this are great for me as I get to impart my limited knowledge onto the next generation and share some quality time with my boys.

The whole force:

HQ and 3 combat platoons at the ready. I have left some room for expansion as the force can be enlarge with an additional sherman for the HQ and 1 more combat platoon.
Front and rear view of the HQ - comprising of 3 Sherman V's
1st platoon : 2 x Sherman V's and 2 x Fireflys
close upon the stowage etc for 1st platoon
2nd platoon : 2 x Sherman V's and 2 x Fireflys
close up of stowage for the 2nd platoon
3rd platoon : 2 x Sherman V's and 2 x Fireflys
Close up of the 3rd platoon


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