19 January 2013

Painting challenge - post 15

I am rather pleased, due to the snow I decided to take a day off yesterday and got a good 6 hours work on the guards armour.
Out came the milliput and a full scale sculpting session began. It was time for me to add the stowage, camo nets, sandbags, canvases and hessian strips. This was the option I had thought about skipping as they are in essence going to be the playthings for my youngest Son, Connor. However I think the final result will be worth the extra hours required in sculpting and painting.
As you can see definitely a work in progress, the white blobs are camo nets, made from very fine gauze dressings soaked in PVA. The hessian strips around the turrets and flanks are sculpted from milliput.

A few spare wheels and track pieces from the original sprues and everything is taking shape nicely. Today has seen Further progress and currently I just have four tanks left on which I need to paint up the stowage and camo and I can finally make another submission to Curt.


  1. wow look fantastic well worth the extra work
    Peace James

  2. Great work, they are looking very nice! The overall impression is great...


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