17 January 2013

Painting Challenge - post 14

Today I thought it was about time I had an update on my challenge progress. Well I have started the slippery descent towards the bottom of the leader board, perhaps a little earlier than expected but I only have my self to blame for some of that.

I chose to take more care with the tanks than I had originally intended. I had planned to try the base coat, quick highlight then dip before matt varnish method to quickly rack up more points, especially as I now only have 1 to 2 hours painting each day, but it just ain't my style.
So my workbench currently looks like this:
The Napoleonics and Vikings are still there, they have hardly progressed but are moving forward. The tanks are going well and I almost have the Guards armour painted, with 6 left to paint and just waiting on delivery of the decals. I have 3 of my Desert force completed and 3 more on the go out of shot on a higher shelf. Two tigers have also been completed, So all in slow but steady progress.
The desert armour on the left has yet to go beyond base coat, those on the right are awaiting decals and final base work. Thats it for the update hopefully I will have a productive weekend and finally get a good submission off to Curt.


  1. I'm sure you will.....now get that brush out!!!

  2. You're still managing to get more done than me though! Those tanks should help to lift you back up the leader board.

  3. I think the challenge is all about just pushing yourself to do a little more than you would normally in the 3 months. I think you are doing fantastic and as you are working on several projects at once before you know it you will have loads complete.
    Keep up the great work loving the quality
    Peace James

  4. If you get all those projects finished, you'll have one hell of an entry and shoot to the top of the table!


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