13 January 2013

painting challenge - post 13

Painting time has been restricted as I have had to play man servant for the last two days as the wife has done her back completely and cant move very well at all. Although I don't think she will be rushing to have me cook a Sunday lunch again any time soon.

I have managed to get all the Sherman's built both for Connor's guards company and my own mid war Desert force, as well as getting them all primed.
I decided to try a new approach to my painting and have used a spray primer for both projects. I have tested out the Army painter primers using Army green for Connor's and Desert yellow for mine. I am not completely satisfied with the finish on the models, despite following the instructions to the letter, they have ended up with a rough finish resembling orange peel. However for the speed that both have been primed I am happy.

I was intending to do a basic paint job with Connors force but cant bring my self to do it. Its not my style and  I don't want to encourage them that shortcuts are the best way to go when painting. Connor did try to paint a model but told mum that he wanted them painted by me properly as it was very hard to do. So I will be giving them the full treatment I normally give everything I do.

Above is the test model for Connors Sherman's, Base coated in army green, then given a black wash all over, wet-brushed with Vallejo Russian uniform and lined with Vallejo green grey. These will all be based, have the appropriate markings etc before completion.

Above is the test model for my Desert Sherman's, I have opted for a nice camo scheme that I have seen in many Images. The whole model was base coated in desert sand, then wet brushed with Vallejo Iraqi sand. The dark areas were painted freehand with Vallejo black, then highlighted with Vallejo German Grey. The light half was then lined with Vallejo Buff, the dark areas lined with Vallejo German Field Grey.


  1. The orange peel affect sounds like you were a tad to far away when spraying the primer on. If you are to far away then some of the primer is actually drying before it gets to the model and you get a bumpy surface instead of a nice smooth surface.

  2. Very nice job so far Andrew. Must admit I am not a fan of tanks on bases though.

  3. You're right, it's best to teach them how to do things the right way rather than the quick way.

  4. Very nice Buddy, Tank fest here we come !!!!

  5. I like the desert camo. Very sharp.
    Hope Mrs. Loki is better and up and about soon!

    1. Thank you Michael, fortunately the Boss is now mobile again.


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