11 January 2013

Painting challenge - post 12

I entered the challenge as a way to keep me focussed on projects I wanted to complete. Obviously the tanks were not in my mind when I listed my par. However my par was based on me starting with a lot of units knowing I had a long holiday in which to paint and get me to halfway on my score and then slow progress to hit my target score of 1000 points. I never set out with any intention of winning my only wish was to get a top ten finish although that will be very hard to obtain.

So where does all this leave me so far, I have made a little progress with the commissioned foundry Vikings. The British colonials have not progressed and the Perry Napoleonic Swiss also stay untouched. I have not been able to construct the 14 tigers due to a manufacturing issue which I hope too have resolved, I am waiting on the postman after an email exchange.

I have managed to build Connors 9 Sherman V (M4A4) and 6 VC's (Firefly's) so far. Not bad for about 8 hours work there are a lot of parts to each one and the instructions for these are not that clear as the build instructions illustrated are for the firefly and not the standard A4 variant but I gets easier once you have built a few but the poly cement fumes have left me a touch high :)
I will be adding stowage, and possibly some camo netting, hessian strips and canvas rolls, however I am mindful these are for the youngest of my two boys so that might not be wise. Additionally it will add time to the build also slow down the painting a touch.
You may already notice green patches on the turrets this is liquid green stuff that I have used to block the hole for the .50cal mount. The list I am using only allows 1 x .50cal per platoon and 2 in the HQ this is too represent the British dislike of the weapon.
The next job will be the assembly of my British Heavy armoured company for Africa another 15 Shermans this time the Sherman III (M4A2), unless the postman delivers Tiger Parts tomorrow.


  1. looking great, I took up the challenge because i know if I have a target I paint like a nutter. I guess its working because my Dad said to me tonight about a potential new era "these could be for next years challenge" you have to laugh seems Dad is filling my 2014 paint card already
    Peace James


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