9 January 2013

painting challenge - post 11

Erm, yes the painting challenge. Well the challenge at the moment is finding time to paint. The boys went back to school yesterday and I went off to help my good friend Kelly for a large chunk of the day rectify a small problem in his kitchen.
Having had the misfortune when doing some work in the bathroom above put his foot through the ceiling when he fell in a hole he had in the floor. So I spent the day taking the old ceiling down and preparing it ready for a new one.
Yesterday was Callum's 7th birthday so I was firmly on Dad duty last night, I have to thank Charlie the long suffering partner of my good Chum Kev at the cabin, who organised the cake with a colleague of hers. I have never and I mean never seen so much detail on a cake and was literally blown away buy the finished product.
This work of art was created from a picture and the smile when he saw it was worth everything, he is mad keen on the Virgin express train that he sees regularly so this was a highly appropriate cake for him.

Today has been spent putting Kelly's new ceiling on and dry lining it, tomorrow he will be able to finish it, and earn some brownie points for himself.

So where does that leave the workbench, well very little has progressed as you can see from the picture below.
I do hope that tomorrow will see me make some in roads on the pile, or if I am lucky a delivery of tanks.

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  1. That is an awesome cake! I'm sure it helped make your son's birthday a great success.


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