10 January 2013

All tanked up

The large quantity of tanks have arrived, and tonight its our fortnightly hobby session this time being held at Kelly's due to my workshop being too damn cold at this time of year. So I shall be making a start on construction tonight. My aim is to get all the vehicles for Callum and Connor built, before I start my own. Tonight I will be aiming to get 14 Tigers built ready for me to undercoat tomorrow. I know I only need 6 to start Callums army but I want to paint them all in one session so they are similar in colour.

I am aware 3 boxes of Tiger only contains 12 in total but I have two left over from my box purchased to do my DAK panzer's. The M4A2's (Sherman III) are for my Africa British heavy armoured company. The M4A4's (Sherman V and VC's) are for Connors Guards armour.

I am looking forward to doing these, a pleasant change from Dark Age and Napoleonic, and should make two little boys very happy once completed.


  1. That is a lot of tanks...

  2. You should come out of that session with your fingers firmly glued together...

  3. Look forward to seeing these done. I've got a box of Tigers I need to get done too...


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