31 December 2012

painting challenge - post 5

Its New years eve and I have had an excellent day at the paint station. I have started another project, earlier this year myself, Kev and Kelly started adapting Muskets and Tomahawks to play a Zulu Wars skirmish level game. We played a few test games with my amended figure statistics and units. Kelly then surprised me with a box of British figures for me to paint up whilst he would paint the Zulus. Today saw me start the first two units of these figures.

The eagle eyed among you will have seen my new blog header and profile picture, a new look for the New Year.
I have completed my first Napoleonic unit and am now basing it up, hence the photo taken from a distance as it will appear on Curt's blog in the New Year.
I have also done the first two stages of flesh work on the first 10 commissioned Vikings and all the outer clothing.
I'm of now to get a stonking hangover as I see in the New Year, I wish you all good health and prosperity for the coming year.

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