30 December 2012

Painting Challenge - post 4

Well the Christmas break is over and I have been back to the brushes.

First up I completed my last 2 points of Norse Gaels for saga. These have a nice mix of stripes and plaid to emphasise the Celtic influence of this faction.

I may go back to this faction later and add the sons of death unit, but for now I have enough Vikings that can supplement these if I want to play at 6 points.

I am almost there with my first 28mm Napoleonic's unit as I return to the scale. Currently the last 6 are on the workbench. I have started another set of 28 commissioned Vikings ( in case you haven't guessed I do like Vikings) the first 18 are now under the brushes.

I have also started to prepare the Perry plastic hussars, these fall a bit short of my expectations, it is probably me being fussy but the necks and shabraques have some big gaps so I have had to break out the liquid green stuff ( Thanks to Games workshop for something useful and worth the money)

Right thats me updated for now. I will leave you with a picture of my test figures for the next Napoleonic units. I hope to complete the first unit of Napoleonics by Tuesday and have them submitted to Curt.


  1. The Dark Age dudes look awesome Andrew and I really like the look of the Napoleonics in the last photo!

  2. Beautiful work on those Vikings!!!

  3. Those Norse Gaels are simply fantastic-love the colour palette! You're pounding them out like no ones business Andrew. Huzzah!!

  4. Wonderful work all of it! Looks like you can paint Naps just as good as your Vikings!


  5. Those Naps look the business, really like them.



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