24 December 2012

Painting Challenge - post 3

I have put a link directly to the analogue hobbies challenge blog on my page just to the right so you can easily navigate there and see the latest scores and wonderful models being painted for this.

Now as regular readers of my blog will know I have a thing for Dark Age figures in particular this year it has been Vikings, so when an opportunity came up to purchase an unpainted amount of Foundry figures, I caved in to the temptation and bought them. I had no idea really what I wanted them for as I have plenty of options when it comes to Vikings to do any of the Saga lists. However in a flash of inspiration I decided that the new figures would be Norse Gaels.

My Norse Gaels really deserved to be a little different to the rest and so have set about making a 4pt warband which I can make to 6 points by using some of my existing figures if required..

First up for you is the new Warlord ( Yngvar ) and his trusty sidekick ( Oddlog ).

Next up are his 8 Hearth Guards ready to fight or reach the halls of Valhalla with honour.

Finally 4 figures which I can use to expand either my existing warband or add to the Norse Gaels.

The Warlord and the 8 Hearth guards all have shield transfers from little big men studios, its the first time I have used them as I do enjoy free handing my designs. They however were not designed for Foundry shields, so I had to do some serious grinding with a Dremel to completely remove the shield rims before finishing with a diamond file. That said the finished product is easy to apply and a good time saver. The bases  are all finished with the new tufts I mentioned in an earlier post.

Righty ho folks thats my last post and painting for a couple of days, whilst I do my bit as a Dad and husband over the festive period. I wish you all the best for the festivities, Eat Drink and be Merry. I will be back hopefully having made a further rather large submission to Curt shortly after Christmas.


  1. They are fantastic Andrew! Merry Christmas.

  2. Have a great Christmas love the Foundry stuff, already used your link to the grass tuffs
    Peace James

  3. They really are lovely and becoming more tempting every time I see them! Have a great Christmas.

  4. Wonderful Vikings for sure and nice points net in the challenge.


  5. Well done! Very characterful Vikings

  6. Thank you for the kind comments have a good Christmas everybody!!

  7. Just discovered your bolg. Great work mate, very inspiring.


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