23 December 2012

painting challenge - post 2

My preparations for the challenge have served me well so far, also I have been aided by the fact that I had been having a prolonged episode of insomnia. Thankfully I got some sleep last night.
My first submission to Curt for the analogue hobbies painting challenge, was my freshly completed 15mm Battlefront SDK250/9 (prime mover) this is the 5 point recovery option for my Flames of war DAK tank company.

The next picture is a size comparison next to the Tiger, the prime reason for the 250/9 being needed I can be relied upon to fail a bogging check when required and it will always leave my Tiger or command tank stranded, this should help me recover my vehicles and continue fighting.
The second part of my submission was a foot battery of 18mm Polish Napoleonics, I found these languishing  in an old cardboard box in a drawer in my workshop recently, along with two 24 figure battalions of Polish infantry all unpainted. They were to be an addition to my 18mm Saxon Corp that I have painted up but the move back into 28mm has meant that I will be selling these and the infantry on to fund the new project.
I have sent my second submission to Curt already I will post details 24 hours after it has appeared on his blog. I am on with another batch of Vikings, one of the Polish Infantry battalions and the Neuchatel battalion at present. Howeever I can be erratic and often flit between different items, so there are no guarantees as to what order these will be finished.
Heres the current state of the workbench, subject to change as my attention wanders from one unit to another.


  1. I thought these were brilliant and I loved the jump from the battlefields of World War II to the Napoleonic era!

  2. lovely work, Andrew. I'll be following you footseps with some more WWII Soviets shortly.


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