15 December 2012

Only 5 days to go !!

Ronin number 1 sat after having primed his figures for the challenge ahead contemplating his next move. Having been prohibited from painting historical figures until the 20th of the month what would he do. Brushes needed to be kept lubricated and spirits needed to be maintained. Solution next years Blood Bowl team although historical , this ronin doubted they would be a qualifying entry for the challenge so set about the task of completing the entire team in a week.

May I therefore introduce
Yes the team name is very cheesy based rather loosley on a real team name as is the law. The annual club tournament kicks off on the 3rd of Feb and I am now ready to go with my Lizardmen (cunnily disguised as Dinosaurs).
The team consists of 1 Kroxigor, the big fella in the centre with red sail on his back. 6 saurus, 3 at back on left and right. 9 skinks the little guys in the middle, a score marker the flying dactyl at the back. and two nests one for re-rolls and the other for turns. 


  1. Bloody good Andrew, good luck with the challenge.

  2. Thanks Fran, I will enjoy the challenge, I may not be up to the same standard or speed as most but will be trying my best and seeing how far I can push myself.

  3. These are great. I like the nests, were they bought or scratch built?

  4. Matt they were bought for me by Kelly.


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