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Im off and running - Challenge post 1

I have submitted my 1st entries into this years challenge to Curt at analogue hobbies - as per the rules he will post first and I will do a follow up in the near future.

My work bench is currently running at full tilt due to a bout of insomnia I went to bed late couldn't sleep and have been at the brushes since 1.30am this morning in addition to a good stint yesterday.

Vikings and Napoleonics all in 28mm on the go


  1. sorry to hear about your insomnia, but on the plus side you are turning out some great work already
    Peace James

    1. Thanks James, your work is also coming along nicely looking forward to the Highlanders

  2. Insomnia has its perks then! Keep up the great work, but get some sleep!!

    1. cheers Ray, looking forward to your first entry.


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