22 December 2012

A Tuft time of it

Today saw me submit my second batch of figures to Curt for the painting challenge. Insomnia is great for getting extra painting in but that is now curtailed for a few days or I risk the wrath of SWMBO.

Anyway I digress the real reason for this post is, I recently did some internet searching for alternative grass tufts for my bases. Until now I had been firmly in the Silflor camp but that has changed,  I have of late become disenchanted with the quality of Silflor products in the UK and having opened a box of new large tufts recently to find 85% of the large sheet useless I thought I would compare some alternatives.

I have to say now that normally I would not do a review of products in this manner but I have been very impressed with the purchase, and the customer service I received prior to purchase that I felt it right to share these with you all.

I settled on a seller I found on Ebay who had his own products for sale, after an initial enquiry I was pointed in the direction of his web site where I could purchase direct still usuing my preferred payment method of PayPal.

Today whilst basing my latest submission, I had my first opportunity to use my recent purchases from Tajima1. I purchased 5 different versions of his tufts of which I have to say are great and arrived in perfect condition and in a handy box in which to store them.
wild grass

medium green

red flowers
Each box has 120 tufts or flowers on a self adhesive base, and costing from £5.95 a pack are cost effective to use.
tufts in front on both bases are wild grass, the tufts behind are large green on the left base and medium green on the right base, each base also has one flower tuft in this case red and yellow.
I would highly recommend these tufts, they are easy to apply and certainly make the base look stunning so follow the link earlier in this post and see for yourselves.


  1. Great find I will try this guy in the new year as I need to restock.
    Peace James

  2. They Look really good, the Silfor tufts that I have arn't that great. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Now that is a result, definitely going to have to check this out.

  4. These do look very good. I gave up buying them a few years ago and started making my own.

  5. Excellent referral! I will be picking these up asap.

  6. Just ordered 4 flats with free shipping. THANKS!


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