9 December 2012

A bit of this and a lot of that

This week has been a strange week, mainly due to the distinct lack of putting colour on many figures.
I have given the blog a tidy up, and hopefully improved the viewing experience a touch. There is a new page that should help me stay on track with my painting over the next few months as I take part in the painting challenge.

As the rules of the challenge prohibit the addition of colour to any models before midnight on the 20th, I have  been busy sorting out the lead and plastic pile, cleaning, filing and priming in preparation for the off.

I have completed a few figures this week that had already been started and they will be on Ebay tonight.
First up is a unit of double handed axemen for Saga. Next are 4 more Bannermen.

The benefit of this downtime is I can get to work on the Blood Bowl team for next year, as although they are of a historical nature, I think the Jurassic era and colour scheme of my dinosaur themed team may be a bit tough to claim points in the challenge with. I will post an update on this little project when I have them completed.


  1. They look great and should sell I would think.


  2. Very nice figures there... shame to sell them?

  3. Excellent paintjob - i would keep them.

  4. I have to sell things, basically to fund my hobby. The proceeds are mine to do as I please and the wife dont complain about what I have bought.

  5. Beautiful work Andrew. Best of luck for the challenge.

  6. Get that primer out. You know Rousell has got about 1,000 primed already-notice his lack of posts recently!

    My goal for next year is a BB team. I'm leaning towards the Scotlings from Impact Miniatures.

    Best wishes on the sale!

    1. Those Scotling models are very nice, Impact do some very good sculpts.
      As for Ray rumour Has it his cunning plan is 2000 6mm Ninjas where the only equipment needed is a Black can of primer.

  7. Nice painting and looking foward to how you go in the painting challenge.


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