29 December 2012

2012 comes to a close.

I started the year with some big ambitions for projects in 2012. I failed on most fronts as the butterfly effect and real life meant that many did not get off the ground and those that did rarely got completed.
On the Fail list are Orcs and Lizardmen for warhammer, Anglo-Danes and Saxons for Saga. Almost everything else fell short of expectation.

The highlights are the completion of :
200 points of Rangers for Muskets and Tomahawks.
12 point force of Vikings and 6 points of Jomsvikings for Saga.
2000+ points of 15mm DAK tank forces for Flames of war.
16 assorted dinosaurs for my new Blood bowl team.

I also started to accept commissions this year, some thing I have always refused to do, mainly for fear it would ruin the hobby aspect of painting for me, however I have found that I quite enjoy it as long as the customer accepts my terms. Especially as I can be slow.

I have been steadily building my own terrain over the year, as I concentrate of being able to have plenty of terrain for any games I want to play at home. A key focus is terrain suitable for the American civil war. I have completed numerous 15mm fences, log piles a section of sunken road and have built two 6 x 4 tables. For 28mm gaming I have three new perry buildings for my AWI needs and 4 woodlands. I have a lot more to do over the coming year. I have also built 2 tables for Craig and another two for Kelly which I still need to flock for him.

One of the big partially completed  projects is the American Civil war, which is steadily increasing in numbers and you can expect to see it feature more on this blog in the coming year.

In view of the failures above and my announcement of refocussing the direction of my hobby earlier in the year I started a new page, my painting project list, this has so far kept me clearly focussed on my own projects. It allows my to track my progress and highlights for me what remains to be done.

Currently I am giving my full attention to these projects and using Curt's analogue hobbies painting challenge as a motivational tool to hit my target of 1000 points before 20th March.

So plans for 2013-- more to follow in another post early in the New Year.


  1. Sounded like a bloody good year to me, here's to a good 2013.

  2. I wander all over the place with what I buy and paint. You're far more organized than I and more productive as well. Have a happy 2013 and get those points in on the contest!

  3. Congrats on what you did get finished in 2012! Here's hoping 2013 is just as successful, if not more!


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