17 November 2012

The Perils of Wargaming

I have been contemplating my gaming needs lately and have come to the conclusion like many of us in this hobby. I have far to many things on the go at the same time and not enough years in my lifetime to complete 50% of them. I have struggled with the butterfly effect greatly over the years and always fall victim to the eye candy like a sucker every time.

New rules are a weakness of mine in particular yet I still play only with the rules that I like or more so understand. One problem area of late has been the raft of Napoleonic rules available, I own or have read many sets over the last 20 years or more, yet I still prefer to play General de Brigade given a choice.

So with all this in mind I have decided, I need to totally refocus my attention to the games I play, or want to play. I play a lot of games with Kev at Kev's Cabin both at our local club at at his place. Also I have planned far to many armies and periods to game and have not really completed any project in full.

So how do I intend to refocus, well some major changes are a foot and the surplus is being cleared via Ebay. A process I have started already.

The main periods I want to play are Dark age (Saga / Dux Brittanarium), AWI / FIW (Muskets and Tomahawks), Napoleonic (General de brigade), WW2 (Flames of war), ACW (Fire and Fury) and for my fantasy gaming Warhammer or Kings of war.

This will be a radical change, in some cases thats a total scale change, Napoleonics being a major one which I fully blame Kev for, as we play in 28mm at his where as I have 15's.

I'm good for Dark Age and can expand this by building an opposing force, the same applies for AWI / FIW I will expand my options both of these are played with 28mm's. WW2 is an on going project but the refocus will allow me to build an allied force to play against my axis force. ACW is a major ongoing project but at least I have the painting for this major project already covered thanks to a deal I did with Kev. I only have to build the terrain and base the arnies.
I am working on my fantasy armies and have dwarves that can do warhammer and I am scratch building a wood elf themed army for KOW.

Oh add to all this that I have recently got hooked on Magic the Gathering card game and you can see why I need to balance life and gaming out. I need better will power to resist in the future. Now I have documented it here Hopefully I can look back and use this to keep me focussed.


  1. Good luck Andrew! Your first three paragraphs are exactly the same for me!

  2. Too many periods, too little time... a rationalisation is good occasionally for your gaming sanity!

  3. Love the first paragraph! It made me chuckle!!

  4. Haha, made me laugh again Andy, welcome back to the world of 28mm Napoleonics buddy


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