2 November 2012

Plastic Soldier Tigers

I slept on my problem and decided that Battlefront can go screw themselves when it comes to my money. In today's marketplace and the amount of options available from other manufacturers I can complete any current and future projects without having the shit service.

So off I went and purchased a box of the new PSC (plastic soldier company) Tigers, the box contains 4 models and at £16.50 is not unreasonable working out at £4.12 per tank that's a lot better than BF's £8.50.

 The detail of the pieces on the sprues is exceptional and the only piece that has a slight mould line is the barrel, compared to the battlefront Tiger that needs my dremel to sort the resin and is awaiting parts to arrive to replace the duff or missing parts.

Fantastic the instructions are clear and best of all I can construct Early, Mid or Late versions as each sprue contains all the options for the variants.

I forgot to take a picture when I started the build this evening. It is currently on my workbench drying out ready for me to undercoat in the morning (still going to dry and get this painted and based for Sunday).
The parts went together extremely well and there really was very little to clean up just the small areas that were attached to the sprue and the earlier mentioned mould line on the barrel.

I have to say I am very impressed with these and this is one manufacturer that is now on my bookmarks list.


  1. I've got a set on order too.

  2. I like the stuff this company does, I have some of their 20mm stuff.

  3. Too bloody right as well! They are great looking tanks!

  4. You did the right thing. I will love to see those monsters with some paint on later on.
    Cheers/ Jonas

  5. Ohh I forgot to mention, Plastic soldiers have some nice PzIII and PzIV for an DAK force to if you should be in need to reinforce your collection.


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